Naomi Wilkins

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Hi! My name is Naomi Wilkins

My passion is assisting entrepreneurs and small businesses create a strong foundation in their record keeping and bookkeeping to help increase their business's potential for success and growth, and my vision is to be a great resource that makes tangible differences in the success of entrepreneurs.

I have had many opportunities to help problem solve one-on-one, and I’ve seen so many people at different stages in their career. I’ve met with business owners who do their own bookkeeping, I’ve met with office managers who wear more than one hat, I’ve met with long time bookkeepers who are on top of it all except for that one unsolved bookkeeping mystery. And I’ve loved meeting and working with such a great set of people! For more about my local services, click here!

Wherever you’re at on your bookkeeping journey, I hope you find all you need here at the Happy Bookkeeper!

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Learning Objectives

Recording Expenses

What expenses can you claim? How do you record them?

Reading Financial Statements

How the Financial statements ‘work’ and how to read them to help guide the business.

Sales Tax

When to register for GST/HST and how to track, file, and remit.

Payroll Taxes

What are your responsibilities when it comes to your employee's payroll and taxes?

Getting Set Up

How to maintain a system of record keeping that is efficient and easy to maintain

Audit Preparedness

What CRA requires in the case of an audit

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Feel Confident In Your Bookkeeping

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