Do you want to hear a GREAT idea on how to Save Money on bookkeeping?

Only pay for the Expertise you NEED!

Bookkeeping is a combination of expertise and data entry.  Why pay an expert to do both the data entry as well as the complicated work?  Think outside the box!  Use an internal resource for the data entry, such as a family member or a co-op student, and then bring in the expert to do the second level bookkeeping work!

This “Economy” bookkeeping solution is a great way to save money!

I’m not saying that a bookkeeper is not necessary.  When small business owners assume that bookkeeping is simply data entry, they often can make costly mistakes that can cause unnecessary penalties and interest, even paying more than they owe, and it going unnoticed!  It is important to seek out the expertise of a professional, but it isn’t always necessary to pay them also for the data entry.  It is an economical solution to do the data entry ‘in house’ and only pay for the expertise!

In fact, that brought me to an epiphany!  What a great way for new businesses to learn in-house bookkeeping!  Have the guidance to get it set up correctly, and then have a bookkeeping coach come in monthly to reconcile the bank, answer and train on any questions that have arisen during that month, and review the financials!  After seeing so many new businesses get their bookkeeping started off on the wrong foot, my calling is to help prevent the stress and anxiety of learning the problems after they occur!

The Economy Bookkeeping Solution can be used in a variety of ways that can be a great fit for different small business situations!  For example, maybe a family member or friend is supporting the business owner, and is planning on doing ALL of the bookkeeping in house, BUT taking a bookkeeping course is timely, expensive, and only portions of the course are applicable to the specific situation of their business.  Plus, there is that portion of the course that is common sense, such as, “put the date in the date section…”  When you learn to do by doing, you are efficiently using your time to learn AND do.  Then having a professional bookkeeper come in to review, answer and train, uses their expertise efficiently also!  If you use the monthly visits to learn instead of just for the high end processes being done on your behalf, you will eventually need this service less and less!

Of course, your could also simply stick with the data entry, and have the monthly visits to help keep you accountable, have a continual second set of eyes, and do the more complicated high end processes on your behalf.  The Economy Monthly Bookkeeping service can be used to fit your specific needs and situation.

The benefits to this service are numerous:

  1. There’s a deadline for getting in last month’s data!  You’re being held accountable to not procrastinate!  And a back up service in case you need to use it!
  2. Your source documents and data file stay in your possession.
  3. No waiting.
  4. Straight forward billing.  (And of course lower bills, as less hours are needed from the bookkeeper.)
  5. Any questions are resolved quickly with no time wasted in back and forth communication.
  6. Reviewing the financials with a professional monthly.
  7. The opportunity to learn from the professional, and require their assistance less and less.

Working as a team has always been the most successful and efficient option in life and in business!  Don’t think that your bookkeeping service needs to be “all or nothing”.  Tag team with a professional bookkeeper, and feel confident in your financials!  If you’re in the Kingston/Brockville/Smiths Falls triangle, contact me for a free consultation!  Or, feel free to contact another bookkeeper to find out if monthly onsite visits are part of their offered services.